Navitoclax From Apexbio

EZ-DNA Reagents

BS8202 100preps
EUR 105.67
  • Product category: Molecular Biology Kits/DNA - Extraction (Genomic)/Multipurpose

Apexbio Reagents Laboratories manufactures the navitoclax from apexbio reagents distributed by Genprice. The Navitoclax From Apexbio reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Apexbio Reagents. Other Navitoclax products are available in stock. Specificity: Navitoclax Category: From Group: Apexbio

High Range Ammonia Reagents

EUR 116.4

Alkphos Direct Labelling Reagents

EUR 813.6

JBS True Blue

300 ┬Ál
EUR 16
Description: JBS True Blue

Exosome precipitation from Plasma and Serum

5 ml
EUR 356.4

Set of 10 Biolipidure Reagents

EUR 1820.4
  • Biolipidure enhances sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Biolipidure suppresses non-specific adsorption.
  • Biolipidure stabilizes antibodies and enzymes.
  • Biolipidure eliminates lot-to-lot variations.
  • Biolipidure does not require biohazardous handling.
Description: Set of 10 Biolipidure Reagents, whose applications include Immunoassays, Western blots, Immunohistochemistry, Turbidimetric assays, Immunochromatography, and Bead based assays. Benefits include: No lot to lot variation, No animal derived materials, Non-specific adsorption suppression, Stabilization of immobilized antibody, Stabilization of enzyme-antibody conjugate, Enzyme-substrate reaction enhancement and aggregation reaction enhancement

CryoProtX Mix Reagents 1.5 mL

1.5 ml ml
EUR 37
Description: CryoProtX Mix Reagents 1.5 mL

PeliKine tool set, additional reagents

1 unit
EUR 177.88

Apexbio information

ApexPrep DNA Plasmid Miniprep Kit

A5001-300 300 tests
EUR 338.4

ApexPrep DNA Plasmid Miniprep Kit

A5001-50 50 tests
EUR 115.2

ApexPrep DNA Plasmid Miniprep Column Only

A5002-300 300 tests
EUR 296.4

ApexPrep DNA Plasmid Miniprep Column Only

A5002-50 50 tests
EUR 104.4

Streptokinase from from Streptococcus sp., Recombinant

NATE-1630 10ku
EUR 324

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-100G 100 g
EUR 99.6

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-1KG 1 kg
EUR 418.8

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-250G 250 g
EUR 166.8

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-500G 500 g
EUR 265.2

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-1 1
EUR 316.4
  • not hazardous

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-100 100
EUR 53.1
  • not hazardous

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-250 250
EUR 108.3
  • not hazardous

Pectin, from apple

GC0736-500 500
EUR 189.8
  • not hazardous

Gluten, from wheat

GE4956-500 500
EUR 25.9
  • request

Normal human tissue microarray from 12 organs from autopsy

BN482 each
EUR 234
Description: Normal human tissue microarray from 12 organs from autopsy, 24 cases/48 cores

Amylose from potato

abx082107-250mg 250 mg
EUR 260.4
  • Shipped within 5-10 working days.

Chitosan, from squid

GE4907-100G 100 g
EUR 121.2